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Why Timber floor repair and installation $180 per room*

Bring dull, dirty floors back to life

Canberra timber flooring fix and establishment incorporates a profound clean and invigorates polyurethane covering to bring dull, tired floors back to life. You won’t accept the obvious reality when you see the outcomes. In Canberra, timber flooring and timber floor installation by Spotless is a recognized service and is loved by people all over the place as it renovates their place just like new.

  • Bring back your floor’s unique sheen
  • Astounding outcomes for a portion of the expense of sanding
  • Supplant your furniture surprisingly fast
  • No unsafe sanding dust

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Spotless take care of moving my furniture?

Our specialists will assist move things with sensible size and weight before the gig begins. Assuming that you require your furniture moved out of the rooms where the help is being finished and supplanted by the day’s end. We can book you a furniture moving help. Moving and supplanting furniture will expect no less than 2 specialists on location and a return visit should be coordinated by the day’s end to supplant the furniture once the covering has dried. This assistance costs an additional a $180*.

Can Timber Refresh be done during hot or wet days?

Timber floor repair and installation demands investment and suitable climate to fix and dry. Wet days are fine however the interaction won’t chip away at hot days when the room temperature is over 28 to 30 degrees. On the off chance that you don’t have cooling then we can do your floors first thing.

Can you work around some of my furniture?

We can work around some furnishings and reach somewhat under things like beds, work areas and tables. We typically can arrive at 20 centimeters under the edges of a bed so the uncoated region isn’t clear.

Can I move my furniture from side to side within the room?

Furniture cannot be shifted while the coating is wet or drying.

What if my room is larger than 12 square metres?

After the first 12 square metres, we charge $15 per square metre thereafter. If you are unsure of the size of your rooms, we can measure it on the day.

Canberra timber flooring and installation vs Other Repair and installation

Spotless Timber floor repair and installation

Move back in on the same day
Replace the furniture within hours. NO STORAGE REQUIRED
NON-TOXIC, no fumes, no nasty odours
Brings back your floor’s ORIGINAL SHEEN LEVEL

Other Repair and installation

PILED UP EXPENSE from the process and preparation
Usually TAKES 4 DAYS before you can move back in
You have to SPEND MORE on furniture storage
CARCINOGENIC sanding dust residue

Benefits of Spotless’s Timber floor repair and installation in Canberra


No sanding, one-day service

Move your furniture back that night.

Amazing deep clean

Eliminates long stretches of developed soil, grime and buildup from cleaning items.

Works on a wide range of floors

Lumber revive can be utilized on hardwood floors, designed wood floors (drifting floors), bamboo floors and plug.

Refresh your floor

Boost coat limits scratches and reestablishes your floor’s unique sheen.

Why Is Spotless Timber floor repair and installation in Canberra So Effective?


Pre-vacuum to Remove Dry Soils

We pre-vacuum all wood floors to eliminate soil and garbage.


Hand-Clean Edges

Edges are cleaned by hand to eliminate soil and developed grime.


Deep Clean System

We utilize The Deep Clean framework to eliminate the soil, grime and buildup from tidying items that have developed on your wood floor throughout the long term.


Timber Applied

Spotless’s extraordinary Timber Refresh covering is applied to reestablish your floors to their unique sparkle and limit scratches.


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