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Deep Clean vs Restorative Clean: A Look at Our Processes


Industrial Pre-Vacuum

The specialist will vacuum the floor first to eliminate any free garbage.

Tile and Grout Pre-Treatment

We apply a soluble-based degreasing arrangement and permit it to infiltrate for as long as 20 minutes to relax oil, soil, and impurities.

Power Scrub Surface

The professional will utilize a specific brush to unsettle the grout lines and tile surface to deliver soil and grime. We center around edges and baseboards as well, to guarantee an extraordinary outcome for the whole floor.

High Pressure Rinse

Ruining on the tile and grout is flushed away with a high-pressure heated water extraction process.

Restorative Acid Clean

We utilize an acidic cleaning answer to eliminate cleanser, cleanser, and cleaning item buildups, trailed by another strain rinse.*

Speed Dry

Whenever we’ve taken out all excess water from the floor, we utilize powerful fans to dry the tile and grout completely.

Tile cleaning in canberra, Tiles fluctuate significantly in age, type, and dirtying, which is the reason we offer customized cleaning choices to guarantee the most ideal outcome for your tiled floor.

Spotless’s Deep Clean is a profoundly successful framework for the evacuation of grime, dirtying, and oil. Be that as it may, most cleaning items are antacid and this prompts buildup to develop on the tiles.

Spotless’s Restorative Clean uses an exceptional extra cleaning step where an acidic clean separates the buildup and cleanser filth.

Mould and Mildew Treatment

Washroom tile and grout, especially in the shower break, can be powerless to unattractive and unfortunate shape and parasitic development.

Spotless’s Mold and Mildew Treatment joins our Restorative Cleaning process with Chlorosan, an antimicrobial stain expulsion arrangement intended for shape impacted tiles and grout.

Chlorosan sneaks up suddenly, effectively getting the form clean the shape impacted region and treat obstinate form stains.

Application of Chlorosan

The specialist will apply Chlorosan to the form impacted region of your tiles and grout, allowing it to enter, treat the dynamic shape and eliminate the form stains*.

Chlorosan Rinse

Utilizing high-pressure gear, the Chlorosan is flushed away, uncovering revived, unblemished and disinfected tiles.

Grout Clear Sealing

We can apply an entering sealer to the grout subsequent to cleaning. The advantages of grout sealant include:


Your grout will remain cleaner for longer as the sealant will decrease how much soil and grime is consumed into the grout.


Limit extremely durable stains brought about by spills or long haul ruining.


Repulse dampness and toxins that influence the respectability and life span of your grout

Sealing of your tiles is recommended for natural porous tiles like travertine and slate. Your technician can provide you with more information.


What Makes Spotless’s Tile and Grout Cleaning Service Different From Other Companies?

Most tile cleaning organizations depend on high water strain to clean your floors. This can bring about harm to your grout lines where the grout is eliminated because of tension and conceivable harm to your dividers because of the outrageous measures of water. Spotless centers around point-by-point preparation to guarantee that our experts use undeniably less water and tension during your cleaning. We completely and securely disturb our items into the floor guaranteeing an additional proficient and delicate clean. Spotless likewise utilizes a lot more secure yet successful items while numerous different organizations utilize exceptionally destructive and possibly risky synthetic compounds. This tile grout cleaning service in Canberra makes it different from all the cleaning service providers in the area.

Get your dining, kitchen, hall & lounge cleaned for just $199

Change your tile floors with Spotless’s Unique Tile and Grout Cleaning Process in Canberra!

This exceptional proposition covers cleaning the tiled regions in your lounge area, foyer, kitchen, and parlour room.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the service take?

A tile and grout cleaning administration will require a few hours for a little occupation through to an entire day for bigger positions.

How much does tile and grout cleaning cost?

Tile and Grout cleaning ordinarily costs per meter for porcelain tiles. Normal stone tiles and permeable tiles are typically more costly to spotless and extra charges will for the most part apply for restrooms, latrines and showers relying upon their size and design. The base expenses for an Spotless Tile and Grout cleaning administration is $199.

Why should a professional clean my tiles?

Cleaning grout lines and permeable or finished tiles requires custom fitted clearing arrangements that draw out the oil, grime and toxins. The absolute hardest foreign substances to eliminate are the deposits from cleaning arrangements and cleanser filth in the washroom and clothing.

The cleaning arrangements should be upset with a grout brush or fast polisher and flushed away with a high-pressure cleaning framework. A talented expert tile and grout cleaner will accomplish the most ideal cleaning results.

What’s the difference between the Tile and Grout Deep Clean and the Restorative Clean?

Spotless’s profound clean is an exceptionally successful framework for the evacuation of general grime, ruining and oil. In any case, most cleaning synthetics and cleansers are basic and this prompts a development of compound buildup and cleanser filth on the tiles. Spotless’s Restorative clean uses an exceptional extra advance in the cleaning system by which we acquaint an acidic clean with separate the compound buildup and cleanser filth.

Why is a restorative clean essential for my bathroom and laundry?

Most cleaning synthetic compounds and cleansers are soluble and this prompts a development of substance buildup and cleanser rubbish on the tiles. Spotless’s Restorative Clean uses a special acidic clean to separate the compound buildup and cleanser filth that by and large can’t be eliminated in any case.

What is the benefit of having my grout sealed after cleaning?

Grout is normally extremely permeable. Fixing the grout line will cause staining and dirtying of the grout to be undeniably less. It likewise implies that when Electrodry cleans your tiles next time the outcomes will be far superior.

Spotless can apply an unmistakable entering sealer to your grout lines that will empower you to eliminate more soil and grime during customary cleaning and assist with forestalling long-lasting staining.

Can Spotless seal my natural tiles?

Provided that your tiles are permeable. Most man-made tiles are not permeable and don’t need fixing. In the event that your tiles are made of stone, they ought to be fixed.

Fixing will make cleaning normal tiles more straightforward too, as the surface will be less permeable. An unmistakable infiltrating sealer repulses water and oil-based foreign substances and will forestall stains.

Will Spotless clean the wall tiles and grout as well as the floor tiles?

As a feature of the Bathroom bundle we will clean the first/least column of tiles around the restroom. We will joyfully clean the remainder of your divider tiles cleaned at an extra expense.

Can Spotless remove mould from tiles in the shower recess?

Shape on the tiles or grout in your shower can be dealt with, but in few cases form might make a super durable stain in the grout. Form caught underneath the silicone is probably going to stay subsequent to cleaning. This is on the grounds that shape under silicone can’t be eliminated without first eliminating the silicone.

Could there still be some stains left on my tiles or grout after cleaning?

Tragically, a few stains can never be taken out. Stains, for example, red wine or espresso in a grout line or on stone tiles might cause extremely durable discolouration.

Will cleaning cause damage to my tiles?

Cleaning won’t harm your tiles or grout notwithstanding, in a few uncommon examples, free grout might be lifted in the cleaning system. Any free grout is normally clear at the hour of the exhibition clean and citing process, however this isn’t generally the situation.

While cleaning stone we clearly eliminate the oil and dirtying on a superficial level. At the point when this is taken out the genuine condition of the stone is uncovered. Sadly, a large number erode with time and use and after a profound clean, you might find that the cleaned finish of the stone has eroded. This can be carried back with cleaning.


Benefits of Spotless’s Tile cleaning in canberra


Deep Cleans and Refreshes Dirty Tiles

Eliminates soil, oil and microscopic organisms from grout, reestablishing a spotless, new look.

Best For Natural Stone Tiles

Strip and seal normal stone tiles, like sandstone, record and travertine.

Get A Quote and Assessment

We will do a show so you can see what the cleaning results will be.

Tailored To Suit Your Tile and Grout

Get a Deep Clean or Restorative Clean contingent upon your tile cleaning needs.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Spotless Clean offers its clients assurance to guarantee fulfillment with your administration.

Mould and Mildew Treatment

Our Mold and Mildew treatment is great for washroom regions where tiles are more inclined to shape and grime.

Find Your Tile

Not all tiles were made equivalent. Track down your tiles underneath and find how they’re made and whether fixing is prescribed to safeguard your tile and grout long into the future.


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