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10 Hacks For Home Cleaning To Save Half Of Your Time!

Everybody hates spending hours behind home cleaning, but what if we tell you,

You can cut down the hours invested behind it by getting tactful by following some quick cleaning hacks.

We spoke with our professional experts, who shared some quick, valuable hacks you can utilise for cleaning your space in no time.

Additionally, decluttering your room calms down your anxiety and improves mental health, and it’s a fact. You need to develop the habit of staying mindful while keeping your space organised. This can save you a lot of your time.

Without any further ado, let’s get started to help you clean your house efficiently in a shorter time:


1. Have a proper System for Home Cleaning Effectively


Professional Cleaners are adept at Cleaning efficiently as they follow a detailed system and strictly abide by them. So you can do the same for faster and cleaner results. Try cleaning one place at a time to avoid things getting scattered. By starting and ending cleaning at the same spot, you don’t need to run around and get the job done faster without losing much energy.

Make your home cleaning kit that includes everything you need for Cleaning. This will save you the time to arrange everything before starting the work.

Routine Cleaning is the best hack to get things done faster rather than hurrying with the task, as in the latter process, the results need to be more satisfactory. There is an old saying that “practice makes perfect”, so if you follow the same process every time you clean your house, you tend to get faster at it even without realising it. Use premium home cleaning products to get better results that last longer.


2. Keep Your Cleaning Tools & Products Beforehand

Tools and products must be prepared so that you understand what products in what quantity you need to purchase to avoid making them go to waste and keep things organised.

Pick the cleaning products or tools you need and keep them close to you so that you don’t need to run back to the storage space whenever you need them. Additionally, only carry small bottles of cleaning products. Try pouring them into small bottles and placing them in the pockets of a carpenter’s tool belt (belt with multiple pockets for carrying things), along with other tools in the pockets.

 This easy trick will prevent things from getting misplaced, and you won’t have to carry everything again when you shift to another room for Cleaning. You can also use a bucket to store the cleaning stuff instead of randomly scattering it all around the place and later wasting time organising them again for shifting to the next spot for Cleaning.

Professional home cleaning service companies like Spotless Cleaning use non-toxic cleaning products in Australia for any cleaning purpose, so we request you do the same. It won’t harm us if you take a step towards protecting our environment, right?


3. Following The Right Sequence While Home Cleaning

 Most of us don’t follow any particular order while Home cleaning. When we decide to clean a room, the spot or the thing that catches our first attention, we begin from that. Only to realise it is getting redundant as the dust from other places is starting to sit on it, and you need to redo the entire process.

Save yourself from this rework by following the cleaning sequence from top to bottom and left to right. This will ensure that the fans or the items you are cleaning near the ceiling don’t get dirty while Cleaning is done at the bottom of the room. Also, by following the pattern of Cleaning from left to right, you clean the place in a single go without needing to clean the home in clusters which is both time-consuming and ineffective.


4. Use this Special Tool to Give Professional Touch to Your Windows

Are you tired of using paper towels and Windex to get that professional finish for your Windows? We recommend an excellent tool for adding that seamless shine to your windows in a short time compared to conventional methods. It is a professional Window Squeegee. 

Take a bucket of water with little dish soap, then wipe it all across the window. Then use the squeegee for a streak-free window. Always wipe from top to bottom and follow horizontal movements instead of circular ones to avoid getting any streaks. 

Following the earlier process, you can also clean your windows with a microfibre towel. Following the same strokes while cleaning.


5. Invest in Good Quality Feather Duster for Dusting

A premium feather duster helps you wipe out the dust from all the nooks and corners. The dust on wall hangings, pictures and windows gets cleared within a short time, provided you get it dusted every two weeks. Otherwise, the dust buildup can become a nightmare, and you would now need to vacuum your entire place, requiring you to invest more time. In proper home cleaning, keeping the dust away is a mandate, and it is only possible by using a good quality feather Duster.

6. A Shower Spray Day Keeps Dirt & Grimes Away

The best way to avoid dealing with a problem is to stop its growth initially. A Shower spray is an effortless and effective way of keeping your bathroom and shower free from dirt and grime. All you need to do is spray it on your shower, rinse it, and head out for your day. This will ensure you get a clean shower every day without worrying about any buildup. 


7. Your Lemonades Can Wait, But The Rusts Won’t

Those fresh juicy lemons can do much more wonders apart from the delicious Lemonades. Are you tired of those rusts you see every day and can’t figure out how to get rid of them effectively in a short time?

Let those lemons do the magic. Squeeze some fresh lemon juice, pour it into the affected area, and let it work on it for about 10 minutes. After that, scrub the area with a stiff bristle brush to eliminate all the tough rust. Rinse the place and pat dry. The rust is gone as the acid in lemon juice has dissolved it all.


8. Tired of Recurring Molds in the Bathroom? Then Try This Hack!

Notice moulds while Home Cleaning? Moist and damp places are a mould’s best friend. Since it’s justified for Bathrooms to be moist, the best way to keep them away is to turn on the fan while showering and to squeegee the bathroom walls and doors effectively. Trust us, its works.

Now let’s help you get rid of the already present moulds. Take a spray bottle and pour hydrogen peroxide into it. Directly spray it on the affected areas where the moulds are thriving and let the chemical do wonders for at least 5 minutes. It will kill all the fungus right from its source. 


9. Restore the Old Shine On Your Steel Sink With Some Mineral Oil!

 Regular usage of water stains the sink with watermarks. Giving it a dull look with additional fingerprints and smudges. Use readily available Mineral oil on the sink and wipe it entirely once every week. We all know oil repels water, so here, the water won’t be able to sit back and stain the surface. Thus keeping your sink shiny. Furthermore, it prevents other items from sticking on the surface and helps them to glide down.

10. Use White Vinegar to bring back the lost shine of your Taps and Faucets

Instead of scrubbing off the mineral deposits with a stiff bristle brush, use white Vinegar. While meetings tend to cause scratches and marks, white Vinegar gently removes the deposits leaving no marks behind. Pour white Vinegar on the taps and wipe it gently with a cloth to reveal the sparkling shine.

I hope this Home Cleaning hack has been helpful to you. Regular maintenance enhances the aesthetics of your home. Also, it keeps the correct hygiene to keep yourself and your family healthy.


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